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Instant Interviews

Quick sign up to starting an interview - all in minutes. Group video interviews brings together the talent with hiring managers, HR leads and even peers to the same virtual room, so that decisions can be made FASTER and CHEAPER.

Talent Campaigns

Are you searching for that creative person, or simply seeking feedback from your valued employees? Video campaign is the new SOCIAL way to allow talent to share, contribute and engage, from wherever they are, in person.

Record and Review

Say no to complexity. HR Live records with a click of a button and automatically shares the video, resume and notes in a folder to the authorized reviewers, at their own CONVIENIENCE. Quick access to relevant information means EFFICIENCY.


Designed by communication experts, HR Live is a secure tool, providing ENCRYPTED video links and full CONTROL over your talent files. Additionally, HR Live can be integrated into any enterprise IT and branded to make it your own.


HR Live works from standard browsers, using the latest technology called WebRTC. This means no more plug-ins or installs on your computer. It SIMPLY WORKS.


Who says you have to sit on a desk in front of wired webcams. HR Live is the only cloud based video service for the HR industry with Web + Tablet + Mobile engagement. No more excuses from busy managers, you can connect them with talent ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.


Branded video engagement in minutes, or blend it into your own Employee or HR System

Any Enterprise

HR or hiring manager can get started immediately, without any risk by signing up and trying our service. Our low cost monthly pricing plans without any upfront costs, makes your decision to try simpler and without any risk. Ready to sign up? Go to our pricing menu to select the best option.

Medium or Large Enterprises

Need to integrate Live and Recorded Interviews in your OWN human resource management systems?. HR Live Widget can be embedded into any Web or App based HR and Talent management system. Contact to tell us how you want to use HR Live.

HR Technology Providers

HR Technology providers and system integrators can take HR Live to enhance your portfolios and differentiate. This way you win, our customers get maximum value with your product x real-time engagement, and we will cherish your partnership. Reach out at to discuss opportunity.


Unrivaled functionality, Powered by Experts.

Feature Description
Group video conversations Talent decisions are not made alone. Bring together the hiring manager, peers, and throw in some execs, for broader review and quicker decision.
Email + Social invites Invites to the scheduled or instant interview is done via your own secure email system. If your campaign is public, you are free to post invite on social media.
FREE guest access Yes.. you read it correctly. You are free to invite any number of managers or talent for any number or positions with your own account. Subscription account provides access to scheduling and talent video, notes and resume files.
FREE mobile and tablet app You and your audience can join from any iOS or Android phones and tablets using our free LiveBoard browser app which supports video.
Broadband, WiFi, 3G and 4G networks Anywhere really means anywhere.. no hunting for hotspots. Any 3G/4G coverage area is perfect to connect to hire the next super star.
Resume Sharing Tired of searching for copy of a resume? Anyone can upload the resume, and everyone has instant access.
Live Review Notes Live and secure collaborative notes between reviewers provides important insight about the interview, which are all archived in the candidate folder for reviews and decision.
Record, one click Single click and HR Live will record and archive the video interview for you. It’s that simple.
Video Campaigns Creativity does not have a schedule. Create a video campaign for candidates or employees to record their thought or present themselves at their own pace. Single click to record, and auto archiving is all you need for that social engagement you have been waiting to start.
Secure Library All the video recordings and notes are stored in private directories accessible by registered users. You can move them into your own private storage, as per your company policy.
FREE Branding Finally, show that you are in control, but putting your company brand on HR Live. Its included in your account.

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